Five Little Known Facts About Colts QB Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning has for years been one of the most dominant quarterbacks in the entire National Football League. He puts up great numbers year after year, and those number play a big part in how successful the Colts have been during that time too.

Manning is also one of the most popular players in the NFL too. Here though are five things you may not know about the great Peyton Manning.

I’ll Second That!

Through the 2009 NFL season, Peyton Manning had thrown more touchdown passes in the second quarter than at any other time of the game. He had connected for a touchdown 85 times in the fourth quarter, 86 in the first quarter, 91 in the third quarter, and 104 times in the second quarter.

Houston, You Have A Problem

The Houston Texans are the team that Manning has thrown the most touchdown passes against during his career. The Texans have given up 37 TD passes to him over the years. This is just three more than the second place team on that list, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

No Question He Should Be First

Peyton Manning’s first touchdown pass came in the fourth quarter of a week one 24-15 loss to the Miami Dolphins during his rookie season. It went for six yards and was caught by wide receiver Marvin Harrison.

Who Caught The Most?

No player has caught more touchdown passes from Manning than wide receiver Marvin Harrison with an amazing 112. This wasn’t always the case though. For a two week period early in his rookie season, the leading receiver in touchdown passes from Peyton Manning was Marshall Faulk. Harrison and Torrance Small tied Faulk the next week, then Harrison passed him the week after that and to this day has never relinquished the lead in that category.

Stoked About That One Extra Yard

The longest regular season touchdown pass Manning has to his credit came in 2001. It was in the first quarter of a 34-20 loss to the New Orleans Saints at about the midway point of the season. It went for 86 yards and was caught by tight end Marcus Pollard. His longest post season touchdown pass however came two seasons later in a 41-10 playoff victory over the Denver Broncos. The fourth of his five touchdown passes that day went for 87 yards, just one yard more, and was caught by wide receiver Brandon Stokley.

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