Five Little Known Facts About Eagles Great Ron Jaworski

Many younger football fans think of Ron Jaworski as a football broadcaster, thanks to the work he has done with ESPN. Back in the 1970’s and 1980’s though, Jaworski was one of the better quarterbacks in the league. He had a long career with the Eagles and even helped them make it to the Super Bowl once.

Here is a look at some little known facts about this great player.

#1 Ron Jaworski threw 179 career touchdown passes while in the NFL. He threw 100 of them at home and 79 on the road.

#2 No player caught more touchdown passes from Ron Jaworski than the great Eagles wide receiver Harold Carmichael with 47.

#3 175 of Jaworski’s 179 career touchdown passes were thrown as member of the Philadelphia Eagles. The other four came with three other teams. He threw one with the Los Angeles Rams before coming to Philadelphia, then threw two with the Kansas City Chiefs and one with the Miami Dolphins after his career with the Eagles was done.

#4 Ron Jaworski threw more touchdown passes against the St. Louis Cardinals than any other team in the league with 25.

#5 In 1985, Jaworski’s second to last year with the Eagles, he tied the record for longest touchdown pass ever with a 99 yard toss to Mike Quick. This is actually also the longest overtime touchdown play in NFL history. In addition to this 99 yarder, Jaworski and Quick teamed up for a number of long scoring plays while teammates, including TDs of 68, 82, 83, and 90 yards.

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