Five Little Known Facts About Seahawks Receiver Ricardo Lockette

Ricardo Lockette is a speedy receiver for the Seahawks who came to the NFL from Fort Valley State.  Here are five little known facts about this college track star turned NFL receiver.

Is That A Pipeline?

Ricardo Lockette went to Monroe High Scoot in Albany, GA.  He’s actually the second player to ever play for the Seahawks from that high school.  The first was receiver Dion Branch.

A Brief Hiatus

Ricardo Lockette came to the Seahawks in 2011.  He left briefly, playing parts of 2012 and 2013 with the 49ers and Bears, before returning to Seattle during the 2013 season.

You Always Remember Your First

On January 1, 2012, Ricardo Lockette caught the first TD pass of his career.  It came in the 4th quarter of a loss to the Cardinals, was thrown to him by Tarvaris Jackson, and was good from 61 yards out.

The First To Get Him

In 2011, Carlos Rogers of the 49ers was the first player to tackle Ricardo Lockette in an NFL game.

A Familiar Name

When the 49ers cut Ricardo Lockette in 2013 it was to make room for their newly signed backup quarterback, former Seahawks QB Seneca Wallace.

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