Five Little Known Facts About The Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings were founded in 1961 and have played in many important games in the NFL since then. The team has had a good selection of memorable players too, many of whom have gone on to be favorites all around the country and even popular in other fields long after their playing days were over. Here is a look at five fun facts about this great professional football franchise.

1. The official fight song of the Minnesota Vikings is “Skol, Vikings”. The word “skol” is a word common to many Scandinavian languages and basically translates as “cheers”. This song was first played during the team’s games after they scored very near to when the Vikings were founded in 1961. The words to the song are: “Skol Vikings, let’s win this game. Skol Vikings, honor your name. Go get that first down, then get a touchdown. Rock ’em, Sock ’em. Fight! Fight! Fight! Go Vikings, run up the score, you’ll hear us yell for more. V-I-K-I-N-G-S! Skol, Vikings! Let’s go, go, go!

2. The Minnesota Vikings first head coach was the legendary Norm Van Brocklin who came to the team in 1961, one year after defeating the Green Bay Packers in the 1960 NFL Championship Game as the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

3. Fran Tarkenton, the longtime quarterback of the Vikings and a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, holds the record for the most interceptions thrown by a quarterback in his last season in the league. In 1978, at the age of 38, Tarkenton threw 32 interceptions and then retired at the end of the season.

4. The Minnesota Vikings won the first regular season National Football League game they ever played in by defeating the Chicago Bears 37-13 on September 17th, 1961. The team then would rattle off seven straight losses before winning their second game in week nine against the Baltimore Colts. They would add a week 12 victory over the Los Angeles Rams on the way to putting up a win-loss record of 3-11 during their first year in pro football.

5. Much hyped running back Adrian Peterson came to the Minnesota Vikings as a first round selection, the seventh overall pick, in the 2007 NFL Draft. In his first game with the team, Peterson scored on a 60 yard screen pass. This was not only a great way to start his NFL career, it would prove to be his only receiving touchdown during his first three years in the league.

The Minnesota Vikings are a proud franchise with proud fans. They have created a great many memories on the football field that will stay with football fans everywhere for a very long time.

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