Interesting Facts About NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

Facts About NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

  • Roger Goodell began his career with the NFL at the age of 23 as an administrative intern in former Commissioner Pete Rozelle’s office.
  • At one time, Goodell served as an intern with the New York Jets.
  • Following the retirement of Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, the league had to vote on his successor. Each NFL team had one vote and for a Commissioner to be chosen they had to be named on 22 of the 32 teams ballots. It took five rounds of voting before Roger Goodell was chosen as Commissioner. The Oakland Raiders abstained from voting in all five rounds.
  • Goodell’s predecessor Paul Tagliabue was, like most league administrators and commissioners, a lawyer. Goodell himself graduated from Washington and Jefferson College with a degree in Economics.
  • Goodell’s father Charles Goodell was a Republican United States Senator from the State of New York.
  • Roger Goodell’s wife is Fox News Anchor Jane Skinner.

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