Little Known Info About NFL Players Born On Christmas Day

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About a month ago we took a look at interesting facts involving players born on Thanksgiving, today we’ll take a look at some of the little known info regarding NFL players born on Christmas Day. It’s bad enough that they have to share their birthday with everyone else, but occasionally some of them have had to spend their birthday and Christmas on the football field.

-The most career NFL games played by any player born on Christmas is 184, this was accomplished by legendary Oakland Raiders quarterback Ken “The Snake” Stabler.

-Ken Stabler also threw for more yards (27,938) and touchdowns (194) than any other player born on Christmas Day.

-No player born on Christmas caught more passes (360) for more yards (5,619) and more receiving touchdowns (44) during their career than Wide Receiver / Tight End Dave Parks who split his career between the San Francisco 49ers and the New Orleans Saints, before ending it with one final year with the Houston Oilers.

-The player who scored more rushing touchdowns (64) and put up more rushing yards (8,081) than any other player born on Christmas is Hall of Fame running back Larry Csonka.

-Running back Larry Csonka, who spent his NFL career with the Miami Dolphins and New York Giants, played in more NFL Pro Bowl games than any other player born on Christmas.

Current NFL player born on Christmas Day:
Marcus Trufant – Defensive Back – Seattle Seahawks
Limas Sweed – Wide Receiver – Pittsburgh Steelers
Thomas Williams – Linebacker – Jacksonville Jaguars

Other notable NFL players that were born on Christmas Day:
Chris Naeole – Offensive Line
Corey Widmer – Defensive Line
Hanford Dixon – Defensive Back
William Andrews – Running Back
Ken Stabler – Quarterback
Larry Csonka – Running Back
Howard Twilley – Wide Receiver
Bob Scholtz – Offensive Line


  1. sean blennis says:

    the player for the steelers is Limas Sweed. not Sweek, just an fyi.thanks

  2. Mark says:

    thanks for the FYI… and for catching my typo.

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