Football & Romance – Looking At Players Born On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day of love… and here at we love football.

Let’s take a look at those romantic players who were born on Valentine’s Day!

-Two quarterbacks sit atop the list of players born on Valentine’s Day who have made the most Pro Bowls, Drew Bledsoe and Jim Kelly each played in four NFL Pro Bowls.

-No player born on Valentine’s Day has thrown for more passing touchdowns in their career than Drew Bledsoe who from 1993 to 2006 racked up 251 touchdowns passes. Bledsoe also hold a number of other records for players born on the most romantic day of the year including most passing attempts (6,717), most pass completions (3,839), most passing yards (44,611), longest touchdown pass thrown (86 yards), and most times sacked (467).

-Offensive lineman Jeff Dellenbach who played 15 years in the NFL, mostly for the Miami Dolphins, holds the record for most games played in the NFL by a player born on Valentine’s Day with 211.

-The career leader in rushing touchdowns for a player born on Valentine’s Day is actually a quarterback. During his career with the Houston Oilers, Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens, Steve McNair ran for 37 touchdowns. McNair also leads in the category of career rushing yards for a player born on Valentine’s Day with 3,590.

-The longest pass reception ever by a player born on Valentine’s Day was 93 yards and was caught by the Oakland Raiders‘ Dobie Craig in 1963.

-No player born on Valentine’s Day caught more touchdown passes than wide receiver Jeff Graham who racked up 30 career TDs while playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, and San Diego Chargers.

More NFL players who were born on Valentine’s Day:
Justin Harrell – Defensive Tackle – Green Bay Packers
Justin Miller – Defensive Back – Oakland Raiders
Tank Tyler – Defensive Tackle – Kansas City Chiefs
Patrick Ramsey – Quarterback – Denver Broncos
David Garrard – Quarterback – Jacksonville Jaguars
J.J. Wilcox – Safety – Dallas Cowboys
Alshon Jeffery – Wide Receiver – Chicago Bears
Jadeveon Clowney –

Notable NFL players born on Valentine’s Day
Jeff Dellenbach – Offensive Lineman
Drew Bledsoe – Quarterback
Derrick Brilz – Offensive Lineman
Steve McNair – Quarterback
Jim Kelly – Quarterback
Jeff Graham – Wide Receiver
Larry Seiple – Tight End/Halfback
Lionel Aldridge – Defensive End
John Anderson – Linebacker
Roy Barker – Defensive Lineman
Dan Lewis – Halfback/Fullback
Lance Mehl – Linebacker
Lonnie Johnson – Tight End
Harry Colon – Defensive Back
Morris Owens – Wide Receiver
Courtney Brown – Defensive End
Kenny Shedd – Wide Receiver
David Garrard – Quarterback
Patrick Ramsey – Quarterback
Herman Hunter – Running Back
Derrick Witherspoon – Running Back
Anthony Wright – Quarterback

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