NFL Players Born On 9-11

Today is the anniversary of the terrorist attacks that struck the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Virginia, and flight 93 that went down in Pennsylvania. We honor the innocent victims and brave souls that perished that day.

Let’s take a look at the NFL players that were born on September 11th

-The first player to play in the NFL and be born on 9-11 is actually a tie among three players. Joe DuMoe (End), Ross Petty (Guard), and Bill Whalen (Center) were all born on 9-11 and started their NFL careers in 1920.

-The NFL player born on 9-11 who has played in the most Pro Bowls is Baltimore Ravens star safety Ed Reed who has made five appearances in the annual Pro Bowl game.

-The NFL player born on 9-11 who went on to play in the most career games was longtime Seattle Seahawks fullback Mack Stong.

-Interestingly, Tom Landry, the longtime head coach of the Dallas Cowboys and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame makes this list. He played defensive back for most of his career (1949-1955), halfback during two seasons (1949 & 1952), and during that 1952 season even threw the ball a few times. His number of career completions (11), attempts (47), passing yards (172), interceptions (7), and touchdowns (1), put him at the top of the list of NFL players born on 9-11 who have the best career passing numbers. As a matter of fact, Tom Landry is the only NFL player born on 9-11 to have ever thrown a touchdown pass.

-Troy Stradford, who was drafted by the Miami Dolphins out of Boston College in 1987, is the NFL player born on 9-11 who leads in most rushing categories including rushing attempts (356), rushing yards (1380), rushing touchdowns (10), and longest run from scrimmage (51 yards). Second in most of those categories is Mack Strong.

-When it comes to career receptions for NFL players born on 9-11, we go back to Seattle and fullback Mack Strong. Strong has more receptions (218) than any other NFL player born on that day. He is also tied with Ralph Heywood, who played from 1946 to 1949 with six different teams, for the most career receiving touchdowns of any player born on 9-11 with ten. Heywood has the longest reception of any NFL player born on 9-11 with a 61 yarder to his credit.

-The most career receiving yards for an NFL player born on 9-11 belongs to running back Troy Stradford who racked up 1479 yards, just edging out Mack Strong’s 1456.

Other notable NFL players that were born on 9-11 include center Don Mosebar, linebacker Robin Cole, center Bern Brostek, defensive lineman Tracy Scroggins, defensive back Eric Thomas, devensive back Steve Foley, and wide receiver Dwayne Jarrett.

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