Nine Little Known Facts About Jacksonville Jaguars Quarterbacks

When the Jacksonville Jaguars joined the National Football League in 1995, a whole lot of excitement was generated, especially in the Jacksonville area. Since that time they have had up and down seasons and benefited from the play of some great players. Here is a look at eight interesting facts about some of the players who have played quarterback for the team.

-With 25,698 passing yards, no quarterback has thrown for more total yards for Jacksonville than the team’s original starting quarterback Mark Brunell.

-The most passing touchdowns ever thrown in one year by a Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback is twenty, Mark Brunell did this twice, once in 1998 and then again in 2000.

-Brunell sits at the top of the list of total passing touchdowns for the Jaguars with 144.

-The first touchdown pass thrown in the NFL by Jags quarterback Byron Leftwich came during 2003 in week 2 and was thrown in the fourth quarter to George Wrightster.

-Mark Brunell threw more touchdowns against the Cincinnati Bengals during his career than any other team.

-Brunell threw 86 interceptions during his time with the Jaguars, by far more than any other quarterback who has played for the team.

-The first touchdown pass David Garrard threw in the NFL came in the fourth quarter of a 28-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans in 2002, which was his rookie year. The pass was thrown four yards and went to Jimmy Smith.

-In 2001, Mark Brunell was sacked 57 times. No Jags quarterback has ever been sacked more than that in one season.

-The player who caught the most touchdown passes from longtime Jaguars quarterback Mark Brunell during his career was the great Jimmy Smith with 44.

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