Six Little Known Facts About New York Jets Quarterbacks

Joe Namath, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, is probably the most famous player ever to play quarterback for the New York Jets. The Jets have had other great players play the position of quarterback too. Here is a look at six little known facts about the players that have played the position of quarterback for the New York Jets.

-Ken O’Brien was sacked 62 times during the 1985 season, that is the most sacks any Jets quarterback has ever suffered through in one year.

-Mark Sanchez became the first rookie quarterback to win his first three starts of a season in NFL history in 2009.

-In 1960, when the team was still known as the New York Titans, quarterback Al Dorow threw more touchdown passes (26) than any other quarterback in the AFL.

-Jets quarterback Ken O’Brien threw more touchdown passes against the Miami Dolphins (25) than he did against any other team in the entire National Football League.

-Glenn Foley threw ten touchdown passes as a member of the New York Jets, more than half of them went to receiver Keyshawn Johnson, he caught six of them.

-The Jets record for most touchdowns thrown in one game by a quarterback is six and was done by two of the game’s all time greats. Joe Namath did it first in a 44-34 win over the Baltimore Colts in 1972. Brett Favre then did it during his one and only season in New York in a 56-35 win over the Arizona Cardinals in 2008.

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