Ten Fun Facts About San Francisco’s Candlestick Park

Candlestick Park, even though it has gone by a number of different names and has been extensively remodeled over the years, continues to be one of the landmark sports stadiums in the United States.  A great many important events have taken place there, including some fantastic sports contests.  Here is a look at *&** fun facts about San Francisco’s famous Candlestick Park.

-Before the naming contest was held that ended up coming up with the name Candlestick Park, the project was known during construction as Bay View Stadium.

-Ground was broken for the construction of the stadium in 1958 and the park opened in time for the 1960 Major League Baseball season.

-The first pitch thrown out in the first baseball game ever held there was thrown by Richard Nixon.

-From 1971 to 1978, Candlestick Park had artificial turf.  Before that and since then it has always been a natural grass stadium.

-The stadium has been home to two Major League Baseball All Star Games, 1961 and 1984.

-Damage and uncertainty caused by the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989 caused a ten day delay to the World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland A’s.  It also caused the San Francisco 49ers to play their home game against the New England Patriots at nearby Stanford Stadium.

-After the Giants left in 2000 for their new stadium, Candlestick Park became one of the few stadiums that had been built as a baseball only park but now only had a football team as a tenant.

-One of the reasons that the San Francisco Giants played more day games than any team other than the Chicago Cubs is because of the cold nightime temperatures at Candlestick Park.

-Though the stadium kept its name as Candlestick Park, in 2007 the playing field was named Bill Walsh Field in honor of the former San Francisco 49ers coach who had recently passed away.

-In 1966, Candlestick Park became the site of the last full commercial concert given by the Beatles.

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