Ten Little Known Facts About Detroit Lions Quarterbacks

Over the years, the Detroit Lions have had a rather rough time in the quarterback department. Fans of the team know all about both the good and bad players that have played the position for the team at different times. Here are ten little known facts about the quarterbacks of the Detroit Lions.

-Greg Landry has rushed for more career yards for the Lions than any other quarterback. He played from 1968 to 1978, and during that time he ran for 2,502 yards. In second place is Bobby Layne, followed by Rodney Peete, and then Tobin Rote.

-The most yards that Detroit quarterback Scott Mitchell ever threw for in one game was 410. This happened in a 44-38 home win over the Minnesota Vikings in 1995. He also had four touchdown passes in the game that day.

-The highest any former Detroit Lions quarterback ranks on the NFL career passing yards list is Dave Krieg at 13th, although most of those yards were accumulated while he was with the Seahawks and a few other teams. Krieg is also the highest ranking former lions quarterback on the career touchdown list too.

-Rodney Peete played for five different teams during his career, but threw more touchdown passes for Detroit than he did for any of his other teams.

-At the time he signed his rookie contract in 2009, Matthew Stafford received more guaranteed money (41 million dollars) than anyone ever had in NFL history.

-In 1986, Lions quarterback Eric Hipple led the NFL in completion percentage with a rate of 63%.

-Greg Landry’s 84 yard touchdown pass to Ron Jessie in 1973 in the Lions 24-10 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers was the longest touchdown pass thrown in the NFL that season.

-Scott Mitchell threw 79 touchdowns as a Lion, 35 of those went to standout wide receiver Herman Moore.

-The Detroit Lions have drafted ten quarterbacks in the first round during their history; Otto Graham (1944), Y.A. Tittle (1948), John Rauch (1949), John Hadl (1962), Pete Beathard (1964), Greg Landry (1968), Chuck Long (1986), Andre Ware (1990), Joey Harrington (2002), and Matthew Stafford (2009).

-Eric Hipple threw four touchdown passes in his first game starting at quarterback for the Detroit Lions.

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