The One Team Running Backs In The All-Time Top 50

Here’s a quick look at something that should turn out to be interesting. Today we’re looking at the Top 50 running backs of all time (through the 2008 season), in terms of career rushing yards, who played their entire career with one team. It is extremely rare for modern players to spend their entire careers with one team, but most people don’t realize that older players moved around quite a bit too.

How many running backs from this list have played their entire career with just one team? The answer is nine. So, here they are along with where they rank on the list.

2. Walter Payton – Chicago Bears (1975-87)
3. Barry Sanders – Detroit Lions (1989-1998)
8. Jim Brown – Cleveland Browns (1956-65)
14. LaDainian Tomlinson – San Diego Chargers (2001-09)
21. Tiki Barber – New York Giants (1997-06)
38. Freeman McNeill – New York Jets (1981-92)
45. Terrell Davis – Denver Broncos (1995-01)
47. Leroy Kelly – Cleveland Browns (1964-73)
50. Rodney Hampton – New York Giants (1990-97)

The flip side of this question is of course which running back in the Top 50 All-Time Career Rushing Yards list spent his career on the most teams.

Top 50 running backs who saw action with four teams:

6. Eric Dickerson
33. Herschel Walker
40. Garrison Hearst
41. James Brooks
42. Thomas Jones (active)
49. Charlie Garner

But the winner in this category, ranked 30th all time in terms of career rushing yards gained, and playing on five teams (Vikings, Redskins, Patriots, Saints, and Ravens) is none other than longtime NFL running back Terry Allen.

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