Unexpected Members Of The 400 Yard Passing Club

A 300 yard game is considered by many to be the milestone that says an NFL quarterback had an exceptional performance.  Some quarterbacks take it a step further though and pass for more than 400 yards in a game.  The list of players to have done this includes some of the best to have ever played the game, including Warren Moon, Dan Marino, Phil Simms, Y.A. Tittle, Joe Namath, Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Steve Young, Troy Aikman, Randall Cunningham, Dan Fouts, and Kurt Warner.

There are some quarterbacks though that most fans would not expect to have had 400 yard game performances, here is a look at some of those games and some of those players.

December 26th, 1982
Vince Ferragamo of the Los Angeles Rams, a 34-26 loss to the Chicago Bears, completes 30 of 46 passes for 509 yards, three touchdowns, and two interceptions.

December 19th, 2004
Billy Volek of the Tennessee Titans completes 40 of 60 passing attempts for 492 yards, four touchdowns, and an interception in a 40-35 loss to the Oakland Raiders.

November 2nd, 1986
Tommy Kramer of the Minnesota Vikings completes 30 of 55 passes for 486 yards, four touchdowns, and one interception in a 44-38 loss to the Washington Redskins.

November 19th, 2000
In a 38-37 win over the San Diego Chargers, The Denver Broncos‘ Gus Frerotte completed 36 of 58 passes for 462 yards, five touchdowns, and four interceptions.

October 13th, 1961
Jacky Lee quarterbacked the Houston Oilers to a 31-31 tie with the Boston Patriots, and in the process threw for 457 yards on 27 of 41 passing.  He also had two touchdowns and two interceptions.

September 15th, 1962
In a 23-20 Denver Broncos win over the Buffalo Bills, Frank Tripucka completed 29 of 56 passing attempts for 447 yards, two touchdowns, and three interceptions.

November 18th, 1974
Charley Johnson completed 28 of 42 passes for 445 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions in a 42-34 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

November 10th, 1991
Mark Rypien led the Washington Redskins to a 56-17 win over the Atlanta Falcons when he went 16 of 31 for 442 yards with six touchdowns and no interceptions.

November 18th, 2001
Charlie Batch threw for 436 yards with three touchdowns and three interceptions as his Detroit Lions lost 45-38 to the Arizona Cardinals.

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