Looking Back At The 1998 NFL Draft

The 2008 NFL Draft is coming up in a few days. Let’s look back at the NFL Draft from one decade ago, here are some highlights of the 1998 NFL Draft.

1st Overall Pick, Peyton Manning – Quarterback
Manning has definitely lived up to his billing coming out of college. Always among the league leaders in most passing statistics and then finally winning a Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP following the 2006 season.

2nd Overall Pick, Ryan Leaf – Quarterback
There couldn’t possibly be a better example of opposites than Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf. Manning threw for more touchdowns in his rookie season than Leaf did in his career. In a career highlighted by tantrums, outbursts, and of course interceptions, Leaf retired from the NFL following the 2001 season. Among his final numbers are 14 career touchdown passes and 36 career interceptions.

4th Overall Pick, Charles Woodson – Defensive Back
Woodson made an immediate impact for the Raiders and even found his way onto the offensive side of the field.

9th Overall Pick, Fred Taylor – Running Back
Though he was sometimes ridiculed by analysts early in his career due to having multiple and repeated injury problems, Taylor has gone on to become one of the more productive running backs in the last decade.

18th Overall Pick, Robert Edwards – Running Back
The Patriots appeared to have answered their running back needs when Edwards had an exceptional rookie season. Following an off season injury that occurred while playing beach football, Edwards’ hope for an NFL career were all but done. He did make it back to play for Miami during the 2002 season, but after that he was done.

21st Overall Pick, Randy Moss – Wide Receiver
Moss has been controversial at times but has also always been extremely productive, including his down years during his time with the Raiders.

It doesn’t seem possible that the 1998 NFL Draft was ten years ago, these players still seem so young. The excitement of the 2008 NFL Draft is building and in a few days it’ll all be over, what will the stories be about when we look back in ten years?

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