Nebraska Cornhuskers Quarterbacks Taken In The NFL Draft

The University of Nebraska is one of the more storied schools in college football history. They have had some amazing teams, played in some great wins, and been a huge part of college football over the years. The team has had a number of different identities throughout time, but like any college a lot of the attention has always focused on the quarterback position.

Over the years, how many Nebraska Cornhuskers quarterbacks have been chosen in the NFL Draft? Here is a look at each one of them.

Jerry Tagge – 1972 – Packers – 1st Round

Van Brownson – 1972 – Colts – 8th Round

David Humm – 1975 – Raiders – 5th Round

Vince Ferragamo – 1977 – Rams – 4th Round

Bruce Mathison – 1983 – Chargers – 10th Round

Turner Gill – 1984 – Jets – 3rd Round

Steve Taylor – 1989 – Colts – 12th Round

Gerry Gdowski – 1990 – Saints – 8th Round

Keithen McCant – 1992 – Browns – 12th Round

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