The Lowest Drafted Player To Make It Into The Pro Football Hall Of Fame

Being elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame is one of the highest accolades that a player can achieve following the end of their NFL career. Most eventual Hall of Famers are selected fairly high in the draft as even in college their talents are obvious. There are those that blossom later and slip down a few rounds. These diamonds in the rough are something every team looks for each year in the draft. Every once in awhile a player is drafted very late in the NFL Draft, and still puts together a Hall of Fame career.

Who is the lowest drafted player to ever make it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

In 1953, the New York Giants used their 8th pick in the 27th round, the 321st overall selection, to select offensive tackle Roosevelt Brown out of Morgan State.

Brown would help the Giants win the 1956 NFL Championship and make some of the biggest blocks for several of the team’s stars during his career. He blocked for Y.A. Tittle at quarterback and for running backs Alex Stewart and Frank Gifford. He made it to nine Pro Bowls during his career. After he retired, he moved on to become an assistant coach for the Giants and eventually transitioned into a front office position.

Other interesting late draft picks to make it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame (players selected with the 200th overall pick or later), some even making it in as coaches instead of as a player:

Colts legend Art Donovan was drafted in the 22nd round, the 204th overall selection, by the New York Giants.

Lou Creekmur was drafted in the 26th round with the 243rd overall pick by the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Los Angeles Rams used their 19th round pick, the 228th overall, to take linebacker Andy Robustelli.

Future Hall of Fame coach Chuck Noll was chosen by the Cleveland Browns with their 20th round pick, the 239th overall selection.

Raymond Berry would both play and coach in the league and was selected by the Baltimore Colts with their 20th round pick, the 232nd player selected.

Green Bay Packers legend Bart Starr was chosen out of Alabama by the team with its 17th round pick, the 200th overall selection.

Another Hall of Fame coach, John Madden, was drafted in the 21st round with the 244th overall pick by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Buck Buchanan, the great Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle, was drafted by the New York Giants in the 19th round with the 265th pick.

The Houston Oilers used their 9th round selection, the 214th overall pick, to take defensive back Ken Houston.

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