The Oakland Raiders Have Drafted Four Quarterbacks In The First Round

The Oakland Raiders came into professional football as one of the founding members of the American Football League. They have had a great deal of success over the years, despite the run of hard time in the more recent time span. The main reason for their success has been the great players they have had, and that includes the players that have played quarterback for the team.

The Raiders have had quarterbacks who have won Super Bowls, MVP Awards, passing titles, and other big games. When thinking of great quarterback names from the past, players like Darryle Lamonica, Ken Stabler, Jim Plunkett, and Rich Gannon come to mind. One of the ways teams get some of their great quarterbacks is through the NFL Draft. A highly thought of college quarterback will usually be taken in the first round of the draft. How many times have the Raiders used their first round draft selection on a quarterback?

2007 – JaMarcus Russell – LSU
In 2007, the Raiders had the number one overall pick and used it to take highly rated quarterback JaMarcus Russell out of Louisiana State University. Three seasons later, the Raiders would part ways with Russell and he would have trouble latching on with another team.

1991 – Todd Marinovich – USC
With the 24th pick in the 1991 NFL Draft, the Raiders selected standout USC Trojans quarterback Todd Marinovich. Marinovich would make very little progress during his time with the team and after the Raiders released him, his NFL career was essentially over.

1980 – Marc Wilson – BYU
In 1980, with the 15th overall selection in the NFL Draft, the Raiders chose Marc Wilson out of BYU. Wilson had a decent career that began as Jim Plunkett’s backup before securing a few seasons as the starting quarterback himself during the 1980s.

1962 – Roman Gabriel – NC State
In 1962, the Raiders had the first pick in the AFL Draft and chose the highly coveted Roman Gabriel out of North Carolina State University. Gabriel would instead sign with the Los Angeles Rams of the NFL who had also drafted him that year.

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