The Only NFL Drafts Where No Pro Football Hall Of Fame Members Were Chosen

The NFL Draft has been happening yearly since 1936 as the main way that college football players end up in the National Football League. Everyone is eligible coming out of college, players that end up not making the team are chosen as are players that eventually make it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Through 2010, there have only been three years, not counting any drafts after 1990 as most of those players are still playing or have not become eligible for the Hall yet, where no eventual members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame were selected.

1943 NFL Draft: No players taken in the 1943 NFL Draft made it to the Hall of Fame. Based on the numbers they put up for their career, the best players taken that year were running backs Glenn Dobbs and Bob Forte, offensive tackles Dick Wildung, Harvey Johnson, and Al Wistert, and offensive guard Bruno Banducci.

1984 NFL Draft: Though no eventual Hall of Famers were taken in the 1984 NFL Draft, three players who had been signed by the USFL that season made it into the Hall of Fame: Steve Young, Gary Zimmerman, and Reggie White. The NFL had a special supplemental draft that year to divide up players that had already signed with the rival leagues. In that draft, Young was chosen by Tampa Bay, Zimmerman by the Giants, and White by the Eagles. Some of the stars that would emerge out of the 1984 NFL Draft were Irving Fryar, Carl Banks, Wilber Marshall, Louis Lipps, Boomer Esiason, Lionel “Little Train” James, Kevin Ross, and Earnest Byner. All great players, but none of them Hall of Famers.

1986 NFL Draft: 1986 was somewhat of a weak draft with some good players being chosen but none of Hall of Fame level. Some of the star players chosen that year include: Leslie O’Neal, Keith Byars, John L. Williams, Will Wolford, Neal Anderson, Ernest Givins, Mark Collins, Pepper Johnson, Pat Swilling, John Taylor, Bill Brooks, Charles Haley, Steve Wallace, and Brent Jones.

Out of every draft from 1936 to 1990, except for the three seasons listed above, there has been at least one eventual Hall of Fame player taken in the NFL Draft. That is one of the things that keeps football fans watching the draft year after year, there is always the hope that next year will be the season when their team drafts their next Hall of Fame caliber player.

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