What College Have The Rams Drafted The Most Players From?

The Los Angeles Rams have a long history in the NFL, and they also have a history of changing locations. They began as the Cleveland Rams before relocating to the West Coast to become the Los Angeles Rams, moving back to the Midwest to become the St. Louis Rams, before returning to Los Angeles prior to the 2016 season. Throughout all those years and all those locations though they have done a very good job of fielding competitive teams. This is due in large part to the high quality players they have had playing for them.

All those players have to come from somewhere though and most come as part of the NFL Draft. What college though have the Rams drafted from the most?

The University of Oklahoma and Ohio State University are tied in fifth place, followed by Notre Dame in fourth, the University of Washington in third, and the USC Trojans in second. The top spot though belongs to the UCLA Bruins who, through the 2017 NFL Draft, have seen 45 players picked by the Rams organization.

Those 45 UCLA Bruins Players:

John Ryland
Al Solari
Bob Waterfield
Tom Fears
Don Paul
Leon McLaughlin
Bernie Reiges
Mike Dimitro
Don Paul
Jack Ellena
Chuck Doud
Donn Moomaw
Joe Ray
Bob Long
Hardiman Cureton
Jim Decker
Pat Pinkston
Bill Mason
Rafer Johnson
Marv Luster
Bobby Smith
Foster Andersen
Mel Profit
Gary Beban
Bob Geddes
Bob Christiansen
Roger Freberg
Al Oliver
Wendell Tyler
Gus Coppens
Frank Corral
Jairo Penaranda
Ricky Coffman
Duval Love
Mike Young
Steve Jarecki
Robert Jenkins
James Washington
Flipper Anderson
Gaston Green
Darry Henley
Roman Phifer
Sean LaChapelle
Robert Thomas
Brandon Chillar

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