William & Mary Quarterbacks Taken In The NFL Draft

The College of William & Mary is the second oldest institution of higher learning in the entire United States, having been founded in 1693. The college first fielded a football team in 1893 and they were known at the time as the Orange and White. The college athletes playing for the school from 1916 to 1977 were known as the Indians until 1978 when the nickname was changed to the Tribe.

William & Mary has had a number of great players over the years, including Jack Cloud, Lou Creekmur, Buster Ramsey, Mike Clemons, and Ralph Sazio. Two notable head coaches also spent time as the head football coach of William & Mary, Lou Holtz and Marv Levy. In football though, a lot of attention is focused on the quarterback and what players go on to the NFL. With that in mind, here is a look at the quarterbacks from the College of William & Mary that have ended up being drafted into pro football.

Dan Darragh – 1968
Dan Darragh was drafted in the 13th round in 1968 by the Buffalo Bills. He was a spot starter during his three years in the league after finishing his college career at William & Mary.

Ken Lambiotte – 1987
After a very successful college career, Ken Lambiotte was drafted in the 9th round of the NFL Draft in 1987 by the Philadelphia Eagles. He would not appear in a regular season game in the NFL.

Chris Hakel – 1992
In 1992, the Washington Redskins made William & Mary’s Chris Hakel their fourth round pick in the NFL Draft. Hakel would appear on the rosters of a few teams but see little time playing in the NFL. He would eventually move on into the high school coaching ranks.

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