Final Score: Rangers 30 – Orioles 3

Okay, I know this area is usually meant for football posts, but I had to make an exception today. The Texas Rangers beat the Baltimore Orioles earlier today by a score of 30-3. You’ve got to hand it to that Ranger defense, holding the Orioles to only a field goal. 😉

Texas Beats Baltimore 30-3

30-3? Wow. Just plain wow.

That’s a worse score than those playground games back in elementary school were. If you’re the Orioles, how can you sleep? How do you tell yourself that “it wasn’t as bad as it looked”?


The amazing thing to me is that the Rangers scored 30 runs, but because of their 11 strikeouts they also left 19 runners on base… the Orioles are lucky, it could’ve been worse.

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