10 Fun Facts About Donald Driver Of The Green Bay Packers

Donald Driver retired at the end of the 2012 season after a 14 year NFL career as a wide receiver, all of them with the Green Bay Packers. He had a very successful career and was one of the best of his era. Here is a look at 10 fun facts about this great player.

1. The most receiving yards Donald Driver would ever have in one season was the 1,295 he put up in 2006 when he caught 92 passes, which is also a personal best.

2. Donald Driver’s best receiving day saw him catch just six passes and turn them into 191 yards in a 2006 win over the Vikings.

3. Donald Driver ran the ball 34 times during his career. His longest rushing attempt came in a 2003 win over the Vikings and went for 45 yards.

4. The Green Bay Packers chose Donald Driver in the 7th round of the 1999 NFL Draft. There were 24 wide receivers taken ahead of him that year. He was even the second wide receiver taken in that draft by the Packers. They had selected Dee Miller out of Ohio State in the 6th round.

5. The fourth TD Donald Driver ever scored in the NFL came on a 31 yard run in a win over the Vikings in 2001. He never scored another rushing touchdown during his career.

6. Donald Driver gained more yards over the years against the Detroit Lions, a total of 1,413, than he did against any other team in the NFL. In second place on that list is the Minnesota Vikings.

7. Donald Driver caught eight TD receptions of 50 yards or more in length. Five of those were thrown to him by Brett Favre and three were thrown to him by Aaron Rodgers. His longest ever was 85 yards, thrown to him by Favre, and came in the first quarter of a 2002 win over the Bears.

8. Donald Driver finished his rookie season in 1999 with just three catchest for 31 yards and one touchdown.

9. It was in a victory over the Lions on October 18, 2009 that Donald Driver would pass Sterling Sharpe and become the Green Bay Packers all time leader in receptions. Sharpe retired from the Packers in 1994 with 595 career receptions. Driver retired in 2012 with 743 career receptions.

10. Donald Driver caught 61 regular season touchdown receptions during his career. Those 61 TD passes were thrown to him by five different players. Brett Favre threw 36 TD passes to him, he and Aaron Rodgers would hook up for touchdowns 22 times, and Ahman Green, Matt Flynn, and Bubba Franks each threw him one apiece.


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