10 Fun Facts About The TD Passes Of Jim Plunkett

Jim Plunkett is famous as the Super Bowl winning quarterback of the Oakland Raiders. He took an unusual route to reach that position but Raiders fans are sure glad he ended up playing for their team. Over the years, he threw a lot of touchdown passes. Here are some fun facts related to those scoring throws of his.

-Jim Plunkett threw 164 touchdown passes during his NFL career.

-Jim Plunkett threw 62 touchdown passes while playing for the Patriots, 22 while playing for the 49ers, and 80 while playing for the Raiders.

-Jim Plunkett’s first NFL TD pass ever was thrown while playing for New England and against his future team, the Raiders. It went for 33 yards and was caught by Ron Sellers.

-Jim Plunkett threw more TD passes against the Kansas City Chiefs, a total of 13, than he threw against any other team in the NFL.

-Over the course of his career, Jim Plunkett would throw 81 TD passes in home games and 83 on the road.

-Jim Plunkett threw 15 of his 164 TD passes in Monday Night Football games.

-Jim Plunkett threw more touchdown passes in the second quarter of play than in any other during his career. He threw 29 in the first quarter, 53 in the second quarter, 39 in the third quarter, and 43 in the fourth quarter.

-The five players who caught more of Jim Plunkett’s TD passes than anyone else were Todd Christensen with 20, Randy Vataha with 16, Cliff Branch with 15, and Reggie Rucker and Gene Washington with 10 each.

-Jim Plunkett’s 164 TD passes were caught by 41 different players.

-On October 2nd, 1983, in a Raiders loss to the Redskins, Jim Plunkett threw the longest touchdown pass of his career. It came in the second quarter, went for 99 yards, and was caught by Cliff Branch.

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