10 Fun Facts About The TD Passes Of Warren Moon

Warren Moon was a Hall of Fame quarterback that took an interesting path during his career. Starting out in the Canadian Football League before finding a home with the Houston Oilers, he would go on to set several team and league records while running one of the high powered offenses of the era. Here is a look at 10 fun facts about Warren Moon and the touchdown passes he threw.

-In a loss to the Raiders on September 2nd, 1984, Warren Moon threw his very first TD pass. It came in the second quarter, went for 10 yards, and was caught by Mike Holston.

-That TD pass, the first of his NFL career, was the only one he would end up throwing to Mike Holston.

-Warren Moon finished his career throwing 291 touchdown passes. He threw 196 while with the Oilers, 58 playing for the Vikings, 36 playing with the Seahawks, and one while playing for the Chiefs.

-The most TD passes Warren Moon would throw in a season was 33. He did this twice, first in 1990 and then again in 1995.

-The team Warren Moon would throw the most touchdown passes against while in the NFL was the Cincinnati Bengals with a total of 37.

-11 of Warren Moon’s 291 career TD passes were thrown in Monday Night Football games.

-Warren Moon threw more TD passes in the second quarter during his career, a total of 105, than he did in any other quarter of play. He also threw 43 in the first quarter, 67 in the third quarter, 74 in the fourth quarter, and two in overtime.

-The top five targets for Warren Moon touchdown passes were Drew Hill with 43, Ernest Givins with 40, Haywood Jeffires with 30, Cris Carter with 26, and Curtis Duncan with 19.

-Warren Moon threw touchdown passes to 41 different players during his NFL career.

-In an Oilers win over the Chiefs in 1990, Warren Moon threw the longest TD pass of his career, an 87 yarder to Haywood Jeffires.

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