10 Fun Facts About The Touchdown Passes Of Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh has become one of the most sought after coaching names in football. Before that though, he was an NFL quarterback. He started his career with the Chicago Bears and then went on to play for several other teams. Here is a look at 10 fun facts about the touchdown passes of Jim Harbaugh.

-Jim Harbaugh threw 129 touchdown passes during his NFL career.

-During his career, Jim Harbaugh threw 50 touchdown passes with the Bears, 49 with the Colts, 18 with the Chargers, and 12 with the Ravens.

-The team Jim Harbaugh would throw the most touchdown passes against during his career was the Miami Dolphins with a total of 11.

-The first touchdown pass Jim Harbaugh threw in the NFL was a five yarder in the fourth quarter of a Bears loss to the Browns in 1989. It was caught by Wendell Davis.

-Jim Harbaugh threw five touchdown passes of 80 yards or farther during his NFL career. He threw three of them while with the Bears with two being caught by Anthony Morgan and one by Dennis Gentry. He also threw one to Marshall Faulk while playing for the Indianapolis Colts. He then threw one while playing for the Chargers that was caught by Kenny Bynum.

-Of Jim Harbaugh’s 129 career TD passes, he threw 67 in home games and 62 in road games.

-Jim Harbaugh threw more touchdown passes during the second quarter during his career, a total of 45, than he did in any other quarter of play. He also threw 18 in the first quarter, 33 in the third quarter, and 32 in the fourth quarter.

-On December 2nd, 1990 in a Bears win over the Detroit Lions, Jim Harbaugh threw the one and only overtime touchdown pass of his career. It went for 50 yards and was caught by running back Neal Anderson.

-Jim Harbaugh threw touchdown passes to 37 different players during his time in the NFL.

-The last touchdown Jim Harbaugh threw while in the NFL was a 10 yarder to Curtis Conway in 2000 while playing for the San Diego Chargers.

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