1000 Yard Running Backs In Their Last Year In The League?

Good running backs are worth their weight in gold.  Players also gain a reputation for hanging around long after their prime.  Here’s an interesting fact about running backs in the NFL.  How many have rushed for 1,000 yards or more in their last year in the league?

The answer is:  5

Jim Brown – 1,544 yards – 1965

Barry Sanders – 1,491 yards – 1998

Robert Smith – 1,521 yards – 2000

James Stewart – 1,021 yards – 2002

Tiki Barber – 1,662 yards – 2006

That makes Tiki Barber the answer to a great trivia question:  who has rushed for the most yards in their final season in the NFL?

A side note:  In 2006, Michael Vick rushed for 1,039 yards and was then later suspended from the NFL.  That meant that he too would be on this list, but since his reinstatement in the league, 2006 is no longer officially his last season in the NFL.

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