11 Fun Facts About Quarterback Chad Pennington

Chad Pennington is a talented quarterback who had a long problem with injuries. He played for both the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins before recently announcing a delay in his comeback from an injury which will allow him to spend time in the broadcast booth for FOX. Whether he is able to come back or not, he has had a career he can be proud of. Here is a look at 11 fun facts about Chad Pennington.

#1. What’s In A Name?
Chad Pennington’s real first name is James. His middle name however is Chadwick, which he shortens to Chad.

#2. He Was Marshall
Chad Pennington helped lead Marshall to their first college bowl win ever when they defeated Louisville 48-29 in the 1998 Motor City Bowl in Detroit. He would earn the MVP Award in that game.

#3. How Many Comebacks You Got In You?
In 2008, while playing with the Miami Dolphins, he would earn the second NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award of his career. He had previously won it two seasons earlier in 2006 while with the Jets.

#4. The League Leader
Three times in his career, Pennington has been the league leader in a major quarterback category. In 2002 and 2008, he led the league in completion percentage with 68.9% and 67.4%, respectively. Also in 2002, he led the entire league with a 104.2 quarterback rating. 2003 would also see him lead the league in fumble recoveries with six.

#5. The First One Ever
Pennington threw his first NFL touchdown pass in 2000. It was his only one of the year and came in the fourth quarter of a 31-7 loss to the Oakland Raiders. It went five yards and was caught by wide receiver Wayne Chrebet.

#6. One More Yard
In his entire time with the Jets, the most yards he had thrown for in a season was 3,652. In his first season in Miami he bested that by throwing for 3,653 yards.

#7. 80 Yards? That’s All?
The longest touchdown pass of his career came in a 29-28 loss to the Houston Texans in 2008 in his first season with the Dolphins. It happened in the 2nd quarter and was caught by Patrick Cobbs.

#8. Pennington To Coles
No player in the NFL caught more of Chad Pennington’s touchdown passes during his career than wide receiver Laveranues Coles did with a total of 18.

#9. A Nice Foot For A QB
In 2006, Chad Pennington would attempt the only punt of his career. It would travel 29 yards.

#10. An “A” For Accuracy
With a career completion percentage of 66.0%, Pennington is the all time leader in NFL history among quarterbacks with at least 1,500 passing attempts.

#11. Bring It On New England!
Chad Pennington threw more career touchdown passes, a total of 12, against the New England Patriots than he did against any other team. Second on that list with 11 is the Miami Dolphins who he would go on to play for later in his career.

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