12 Players Tie For The Most Touchdown Passes Thrown By A Rookie In One Game

Through the 2008 NFL season, 12 different rookies jointly hold the record for the most touchdown passes in a game since the AFL-NFL merger of 1970. The record is four, and here is a list of the quarterbacks that did it, when they did it, and for which teams.

1971 – Jim Plunkett – New England Patriots
1977 – Steve Myer – Seattle Seahawks
1985 – Dieter Brock – Los Angeles Rams
1988 – Mark Rypien – Washington Redskins
1989 – Troy Aikman – Dallas Cowboys
1994 – Drew Bledsoe – New England Patriots
1997 – Jake Plummer – Arizona Cardinals
1999 – Cade McNown – Chicago Bears
2001 – Todd Bouman – Minnesota Vikings
2002 – Marc Bulger – St. Louis Rams
2004 – Carson Palmer – Cincinnati Bengals
2007 – Trent Edwards – Buffalo Bills

Interesting notes:

-Todd Bouman threw four touchdowns in a game against Tennessee during his rookie year. He would go on to only throw for 11 total touchdowns in his entire career.

-Dieter Brock is by far the oldest player on this list. 1985 was technically his rookie season as it was his first in the NFL, but he had played the previous 11 seasons in the Canadian Football League, even winning the CFL Most Outstanding Player award twice. 1985 would be his only year in the NFL.

-Steve Myer threw for four touchdowns in a game against Tampa Bay in 1976, which was not only his first year in the NFL, but also the first year in the league for both the Seattle and Tampa Bay franchises. He would throw two more touchdown passes that season, and those six TDs would be the only ones of his career.

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  1. I don’t know why but quarterbacks seem to be getting better. I think there are atleast three hall of fames QB’s playing right now.

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