14 Interesting Facts About Garrison Hearst

Garrison Hearst came out of the University of Georgia as a highly rated running back. He was a high first round draft pick in 1993, the same year that Drew Bledsoe and Rick Mirer were selected number one and two overall, and went on to play for the Arizona Cardinals. After a few seasons in Arizona, he would have a somewhat injury filled career but also be rather effective for both the Cincinnati Bengals and the San Francisco 49ers. He would eventually retire and be able to look back on a solid NFL career.

Here is a look at 14 interesting facts about Garrison Hearst.

    -Garrison is actually Hearst’s middle name, his given first name is Gerard.

    -Garrison Hearst was the first player to ever win the NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award two times. He won it in 1995 and then again in 2001. Since then, Chad Pennington has also won the award twice.

    -While at the University of Georgia, Hearst led the nation in touchdowns with 21 during his junior season.

    -In 1994, as a second year player, Garrison Hearst threw a touchdown pass, the only one of his career.

    -Hearst attempted one pass during his rookie season and it was intercepted.

    -Following his outstanding 1992 season, Garrison Hearst finished third in the Heisman Trophy voting.

    -Avascular necrosis is when blood is blocked from circulating to a bone and the bone dies. This happened to a bone in Garrison Hearst’s foot and kept him out of football for more than two years. He would return and become the first player in the history of the league to come back after suffering from this condition, and he played four more seasons.

    -Over the course of his career, Hearst scored three two point conversions. One in 1996 with the Bengals and the other two with the 49ers (1998 and 2002).

    -Garrison Hearst wore jersey number 23 with the Cardinals, his first team in the league, but with the Bengals, 49ers, and Broncos he wore number 20.

    -Hearst scored 39 touchdowns during his NFL career; 33 for the 49ers, 4 for the Cardinals, and one each for the Bengals and Broncos.

    -In 1998, Garrison Hearst had a 96 yard touchdown run while with the 49ers. This would be the longest run of the season that year by anyone in the NFL.

    -Garrison Hearst’s first touchdown in the NFL came in 1993, his rookie season, in a 36-6 win by the Cardinals over the Redskins. It came in the second quarter on a one yard run.

    -The first four rushing touchdowns of Garrison Hearst’s career, the only four he would score with the Cardinals, were all one yard in distance. This included three touchdown runs and a touchdown reception.

    -Four different quarterbacks threw touchdown passes to Garrison Hearst during his career: Steve Young threw him four, Jeff Garcia threw him three, and Dave Krieg and Jeff Blake each threw him one.

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