17 Little Known Facts About Oakland Raiders Great Ken Stabler

Ken “The Snake” Stabler played professional football from 1968 to 1984 and throughout the bulk of his career he was thought of as one of the better passers in the league. He began play for the Raiders in 1968 when the team was still in the AFL. He was traded to the Oilers in 1980 and, after playing there for two seasons, went on to finish his career with three seasons with the New Orleans Saints.

Ken Stabler played in a lot of great games and had some awesome performances. Here is a look at 17 little known interesting facts about the great Ken Stabler.

    -Ken Stabler was on the Freshman team at the University of Alabama in 1964 when Joe Namath led the school to the National Championship.

    -Ken Stabler’s best passing day ever came in a November game in 1980 as a member of the Houston Oilers. He completed 33 of 51 passes for 388 yards and four touchdowns that day. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be enough to win as they lost to the Jets 31-28.

    -Ken Stabler was the quarterback for the Raiders in a 1972 playoff game against the Steelers that was eventually won by Pittsburgh on one of the most famous plays in football history, the Immaculate Reception.

    -In the mid 1970’s, Ken Stabler signed a contract to play for the Birmingham Americans of the World Football League. By the time he was free to do so, the WFL had folded.

    -Despite being nicknamed “The Snake” and being somewhat of a scrambler early in his career, Stabler only ran for four touchdowns in the NFL.

    -The first NFL touchdown pass Ken Stabler ever threw came in the third quarter of a 27-16 Raiders win over the Denver Broncos in 1971. It went for nine yards and was caught by receiver Raymond Chester.

    -Ken Stabler threw for more touchdowns against the Kansas City Chiefs during his career, a total of 21, than he did against any other NFL team.

    -“Snake Venom” was the name of a short lived soft drink named after Ken Stabler and distributed around the Houston area during his time with the Oilers.

    -In a week four 1972 win over the Houston Oilers, Ken Stabler’s final quarterback stats for the game were one completion on one attempt for one yard and one touchdown.

    -No player caught more touchdown passes from Ken Stabler over the years than Cliff Branch with 44.

    -Hall of Famer Dave Casper caught touchdown passes from Ken Stabler during their years together with the Raiders, and then also later when they were reunited on the Houston Oilers roster.

    -Over four seasons, from 1973 to 1976, the Oakland Raiders had a record of 35-4-1 in games where Ken Stabler threw at least one touchdown pass.

    -Ken Stabler was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the second round of the 1968 NFL Draft, with the 52nd overall pick. Quarterbacks taken ahead of him included Greg Landry, Gary Beban, and Mike Livingston.

    -The last touchdown Ken Stabler threw as a Oakland Raider was caught by running back Mark van Eeghen, this was the only TD pass he ever threw to van Eeghen. The last touchdown he threw of his career was with the Saints and was caught by Hoby Brenner.

    -In Super Bowl XI, seven of the 12 passes Ken Stabler completed, just over half of the total, went for the same exact distance, ten yards.

    -Ken Stabler led the NFL in touchdown passes in 1974 with 26 and then again in 1976 with 27.

    -The longest touchdown pass Ken Stabler threw during his career came in a 18-14 win over the Green Bay Packers in 1976. It went for 88 yards and was caught by Cliff Branch. This was also the longest touchdown pass of the season that year.

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