200 Yard Receiving Games For The Cincinnati Bengals

Terrell Owens joined the list of receivers who have caught more than 200 yards worth of receptions in a game for the Cincinnati Bengals on 10/3/2010 in a 23-20 loss to the Cleveland Browns. We got asked on Twitter, how many 200 yard receiving games have been made by Bengals receivers. Here is a look at all of them.

260 Yards – Chad Ochocinco
In a 49-41 loss to the Chargers in 2006, Ochocinco caught 11 balls for 260 yards and two touchdowns.

222 Yards – Terrell Owens
In a 23-20 loss to Cleveland in 2010, Terrell Owens catches 10 passes for 222 yards and one touchdown.

216 Yards – Eddie Brown
It was a 1988 win over Pittsburgh, by the score of 42-7, that saw the Bengals’ Eddie Brown catch seven passes for 216 yards and two touchdowns.

209 Yards – Chad Ochocinco
Ochocinco had his second 200 yard receiving game less than one year after the first when he caught 11 passes for 209 yards and two touchdowns in a 51-45 loss to Cleveland.

206 Yards – Cris Collinsworth
Cris Collinsworth was the third Cincinnatie player to ever go over 200 yards receiving when he caught eight passes for 206 yards and a touchdown in a 34-31 loss to the Colts in 1983.

204 Yards – Carl Pickens
In 1998, the Bengals beat Pittsburgh 25-20, and part of the reason was Carl Pickens catching 13 passes for 204 yards and a touchdown.

201 Yards – John McDaniel
John McDaniel was the second Bengals receiver to catch 200 or more yards worth of passes in a game when he caught nine balls for 201 yards and one touchdown in a 35-20 loss to the Raiders in 1976.

200 Yards – Charlie Joiner
Future Pro Football Hall of Fame member Charlie Joiner would have his biggest day as a Bengals receiver in a 35-23 loss to the Browns in 1975 when he became the first Cincinnati receiver to ever go over 200 yards receiving in one game. His final numbers were seven catches for 200 yards and no touchdowns.

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