22 Tidbits Of Terrell Owens Trivia!

Terrell Owens has been a very productive wide receiver during his career. He has played for the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, and Cincinnati Bengals during his career. He’s made Pro Bowls, played in a Super Bowl, led the league in a number of different categories, and been a vital part of some very good teams. He has also caused quite a bit of controversy in a number of places around the league.

Here is a look at 22 tidbits of Terrell Owens trivia:

-Terrell Owens has returned a kickoff five times during his career, the longest one went for 23 yards in 1997.

-The most times T.O. has fumbled the ball in one season is three. This happened in 2000, and he wouldn’t fumble the ball again until 2004.

-Terrell Owens’ favorite player as a kid growing up in Alabama: Jerry Rice.

-One other NFL player came from the same hometown as Terrell Owens, Alexander City, Alabama: Jim Phillips played wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams and the Minnesota Vikings from 1958 to 1967, earning trips to the Pro Bowl three times.

-Terrell Owens has five career tackles. None were make as a member of the San Francisco 49ers. Three came as a Dallas Cowboy and two came with the Buffalo Bills

-The longest run T.O has ever made after taking a hand off went for 38 yards in 2002 while with the 49ers.

-As a member of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga basketball team, Terrell Owens got to play in the 1995 NCAA Basketball Tournament. The tournament was won that year by Tyus Edney and the UCLA Bruins.

-Terrell Owens has passed two hundred yards receiving in a game twice in his career. The first time when he caught 20 passes for 283 yards with the 49ers in 2000 and the second time when he caught seven passes for 213 yards with the Cowboys in 2008.

-The most touchdowns he has ever scored in one game is four. This happened in 2007 with the Cowboys in a 28-23 win over the Redskins.

-Through the 2009 season, there are two NFL teams that Terrell Owens has gained over 1000 yards receiving against in his career: The St. Louis Rams (1,035) and the Carolina Panthers (1,110).

-In 2005, his 91 yard touchdown reception was the longest TD catch of the year in the NFL.

-T.O. caught nine passes for 122 yards in his only Super Bowl appearance, Super Bowl XXXIX in 2004 while with the Eagles. Of those nine catches, four of them went for ten yards exactly.

-Terrell Owens wore #82 and played a member of the fictional Miami Sharks in the 1999 Oliver Stone movie ‘Any Given Sunday’.

-T.O. has caught more touchdown passes against the New Orleans Saints, with a total of 12, than he has against any other team. The Atlanta Falcons are in second on the list with 11, and then the Rams, Giants, and Panthers are tied for third with ten scored against each of them.

-Terrell Owens has caught more touchdown passes in the 2nd quarter, a total of 43 during his career, than he has in any other quarter of play.

-The most touchdowns receptions he ever caught in one season was 16 with the 49ers in 2001.

-T.O. has caught five postseason touchdown passes during his career. The first four came with the 49ers and all came in games his team one. The last one came in 2007 with the Cowboys in a game they lost to the New York Giants.

-Terrell Owens was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the third round of the 1996 NFL Draft, the 89th pick overall.

-Other wide receivers selected ahead of Terrell Owens in the 1996 NFL Draft include: Keyshawn Johnson, Terry Glenn, Eddie Kennison, Marvin Harrison, Eric Moulds, Alex Van Dyke, Amani Toomer, Bryan Still, Muhsin Muhammad, Bobby Engram, and Derrick Mayes.

-The longest touchdown reception of his career went for 98 yards and came in a 18-15 Buffalo Bills lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars. It was a third quarter score and was thrown by Ryan Fitzpatrick.

-No quarterback has thrown more touchdown passes to Terrell Owens than Jeff Garcia with 50. Tony Romo is in second with 34.

-Through the 2009 season, T.O. has scored a touchdown rushing three different times. He did it first in 1998 in a 28-10 win over the Rams, then he did it in 2002 in a 20-10 win over the Redskins, and he did it for the third and so far final time in 2009 as a member of the Bills in a 31-10 loss to the Houston Texans.

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