35 Interesting Facts About Quarterback Vinny Testaverde

Most football fans don’t consider Vinny Testaverde a great quarterback, but due to his talent and longevity he was able to retire with statistics that match up with some of the all time greats. Testaverde came out of college as a Heisman Trophy winning quarterback from the University of Miami. He was drafted number one overall in the NFL Draft and a great deal was expected of him. Early in his career, some called him a bust or a failure, but he would go on to prove that he had what it takes to put together a very good NFL career.

By the time he was done he had played for seven teams and lasted 21 seasons in the National Football League, something not many people can say. He had good durability and a strong arm that he could rely on even well into his 40’s. He started earning fans late into his career as people began to respect him for his work ethic and effort. Here is a look at 35 interesting facts about Vinny Testaverde.

-Vinny Testaverde accumulated more career passing yards with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a total of 14,820, than he did with any of the other teams he played with. The New York Jets are second on that list, followed by the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, Dallas Cowboys, Carolina Panthers, and finally the New England Patriots.

-The only overtime touchdown pass of Vinny Testaverde’s career came in 1996 while he was the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens. It happened in a week eight 37-31 victory over the St. Louis Rams. It went for 22 yards and was caught by receiver Michael Jackson.

-Vinny Testaverde holds the record for the most consecutive seasons with at least one touchdown pass thrown. He sits at the top of this list with 21 straight years with a touchdown pass.

-The first touchdown pass Vinny Testaverde ever threw in the NFL came in week 12 of the 1987 season in a 44-34 loss by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the New Orleans Saints. It happened in the third quarter, went for 37 yards, and was caught by Mark Carrier.

-The best record Testaverde ever put up as a starter came in 1998 when after starting 13 games for the Jets his record was 12-1.

-No player in NFL history has thrown touchdown passes to more players than Vinny Testaverde. During his career he hit 70 different players for touchdowns.

-Vinny Testaverde lead the NFL in interceptions thrown four times. He did this by throwing 35 interceptions in 1988 and 22 in 1989 with Tampa Bay, 25 in 2000 with the Jets, and 20 in 2004 with the Cowboys.

-Testaverde’s last touchdown pass in the NFL came in a 31-14 win over the San Francisco 49ers in week 12 of the 2007 season. It happened in the fourth quarter, went for just one yard, and was caught by Jeff King.

-The most touchdown passes Vinny Testaverde ever threw in one game is five. This happened in 2000 when he was with the Jets and came in a 40-37 win over the rival Miami Dolphins.

-Testaverde left the University of Miami as the all time leader in touchdown passes thrown for the school with a total of 48.

-Testaverde followed Bernie Kosar as the quarterback at the University of Miami. Then, after signing as a free agent with the Cleveland Browns in 1992, he again followed Kosar at quarterback, this time in the pros.

-The longest touchdown run of Testaverde’s career came in 1990 when he ran one in from 48 yards out while playing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a 26-13 victory over the Minnesota Vikings.

-In a game that has been dubbed the Monday Night Miracle, Vinny Testaverde threw five touchdowns in the fourth quarter of a 2000 game against the Miami Dolphins. The Jets entered the fourth quarter trailing Miami 30-7 and left with a 40-37 victory.

-In the last game of the 2000 season, Testaverde completed 36 of 69 attempted passes for an amazing 481 total passing yards. Unfortunately his Jets lost that game to the Baltimore Ravens by the score of 34-20. This was the most passing yards he had ever accumulated in one game.

-In late December of of 2005, Vinny Testaverde connected with Laveranues Coles on a 27 yard touchdown play that would be the last touchdown pass thrown on Monday Night Football while it was still being broadcast by ABC.

-Testaverde caught three passes during his 21 year NFL career. He caught a three yarder in 1990 with Tampa Bay, a seven yarder in 1995 with Cleveland, and then had one reception for negative four yards in 1997 while with Baltimore.

-In a Monday Night Football Jets vs. Patriots game in December of 2005, both Vinny Testaverde and Doug Flutie saw action. This is the first NFL game ever where two quarterbacks over the age of 40 both completed passes.

-2001 saw Testaverde fumble the ball 12 times while playing for the Jets, this was the most he ever fumbled in one season.

-1996, his first season with the Baltimore Ravens, saw Vinny Testaverde score the first and only two point conversion of his career.

-When broken down by quarter over his whole career, Testaverde threw 51 touchdown passes in the first quarter, 87 in the second, 49 in the third, 87 in the fourth, and one in overtime.

-No player caught more touchdown passes from Vinny Testaverde during his career than Michael Jackson with 29. Second on the list is Mark Carrier with 25 and then Bruce Hill with 20.

-In 2007, Testaverde was not on the roster of any NFL team when due to injuries at the quarterback position the Carolina Panthers signed him on October 10th. Just four days later, on October 14th, Testaverde would start for the Panthers. In that game he would throw a 65 yard touchdown pass to Steve Smith.

-Vinny Testaverde was the first player selected in the 1987 NFL Draft. Other quarterbacks taken that year in the draft include Kelly Stouffer, Chris Miller, Jim Harbaugh, Cody Carlson, Mark Vlasic, Rich Gannon, Steve Beuerlein, Kevin Sweeney, Doug Hudson, Sammy Garza, Ken Lambiotte, Don Majkowski, John Paye, Brent Pease, Dave Walter, Mike Shula, Jim Karsatos, and Bill Ransdell.

-Vinny Testaverde is the second oldest quarterback to ever start a game in the NFL and the oldest to ever win a game.

-Vinny Testaverde is the oldest quarterback to ever throw a touchdown pass in the NFL. He did this in 2007 while he was the starting quarterback for the Carolina Panthers at the age of 44.

-Vinny Testaverde threw a touchdown pass to Dante Rosario in a December 2007 win over the San Francisco 49ers. At the time he was 44 years old and Rosario was 24. This is the largest age gap ever between a passer/receiver duo hooking up for a touchdown. At the time Rosario was born, Testaverde was playing college football for the University of Miami.

-Vinny Testaverde ran for 15 rushing touchdowns during his 21 years in the NFL. Of the seven teams he played for, it was only with the Patriots and the Panthers that he did not score on a touchdown run.

-Testaverde scored five touchdowns on the ground with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, this was more than he did for any other team that he played for.

-The most touchdowns Testaverde ever threw in an NFL season was 33, he did this in 1996 with the Baltimore Ravens.

-Vinny Testaverde threw 275 touchdown passes during his career. Interestingly, the most he threw with one team was 77. Actually he reached that number with two teams, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New York Jets.

-In 1988, his second season in the league, Vinny Testaverde threw 15 touchdowns and a hefty 35 interceptions.

-Three times Testaverde would end the season with just one touchdown pass. In 1999, with the Jets after going down with an injury in the first game and then in 2005 and 2006 as a backup with the Jets and Patriots, respectively.

-Vinny Testaverde’s son is named Vincent Frank Testaverde, Jr.

-Two teams tied for giving up the most touchdowns to Vinny Testaverde during his career. The Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots both surrendered 23 touchdown passes to Testaverde over the years.

-During his career, Vinny Testaverde wore three different jersey numbers. He wore #14 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New England Patriots, #12 with the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens, and #16 with the New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys, and Carolina Panthers.

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