A Few LaDainian Tomlinson Facts

In honor of LT (or the Great Dain… or whatever you want to call him) throwing for a touchdown in the San Diego Chargers first game of the 2007 season, let’s start off with a few LaDainian Tomlinson facts.

Through the 2006 season, LaDainian Tomlinson has led the Chargers in rushing for six consecutive years. Prior to LT, the most consecutive years any Charger player had led the team in rushing for was five years, by Marion Butts (from 1989 to 1993).

With one more touchdown scored, LaDainian Tomlinson will move past Marshall Faulk and take sole possession of sixth place on the career touchdowns scored list.

During the 2006 season there were two other San Diego Charger running backs with better yards per carry numbers than LaDainian Tomlinson (5.2); Andrew Pinnock averaged 6.2 yards per carry and Michael Turner averaged 6.3 yards per carry. Of course, both players carried the ball significantly less than Tomlinson.

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