A Look At The Oldest Player In The National Football League

We as football fans don’t discuss punters very often, but let’s take a look at the player who is currently the oldest player in the league. We’re speaking of the punter for the New York Giants, Jeff Feagles. Feagles was born on March 7, 1966, played collegiately for the Miami Hurricanes, and started his career with the New England Patriots.

Feagles only stuck with the Patriots for his first two years, but during his rookie season he had a 74 yard punt that ended up being the longest punt in the league of the 1988 season. He then spent the next four season with the Philadelphia Eagles and the four seasons following that with the Arizona Cardinals where in 1995 he would make the Pro Bowl for the only time in his career. Feagles would move on to spend the 1998 through 2002 seasons with the Seattle Seahawks before joining the New York Giants for the 2003 season where he has remained since then.

A few notes about the punting career of Jeff Feagles:

-He was a member of the 1987 Miami Hurricanes national championship team.

-Through the 2007 season, Feagles is the oldest player to play in and win the Super Bowl.

-Though he has played punter in the National Football League, he does have one career field goal attempt. It was a miss.

-He has led the league twice in the category of most punts during a season; the first time in 1991 while with Philadelphia and the second time with Arizona in 1994.

-During his first two seasons in the league with New England he averaged 38.3 and then 38.0 yards per punt. He went to Philadelphia the next year and never again in his career would he average less than 40 yards per punt.

-He holds the record for the most consecutives games played in during a career.

-Despite playing in the league for more than 20 years, he has never completed a pass. He has thrown the ball eight times as part of a fake pun play and has ended up with eight incompletions.

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