Any Current Coaches Bound For The Hall-of-Fame?

We recently posted about coaches who made it to the Hall-of-Fame and were only the head coach of one team for their entire career. Are there any coaches on the landscape right now that may qualify for this?

Bill Cowher – Pittsburgh Steelers 1993-2006
If Bill Cowher stays retired and doesn’t re-enter the head coaching ranks, however likely that is, he may just join this list of one-team Hall-of-Fame coaches.

Jeff Fisher – Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans 1995-Present
While Fisher has yet to win a Super Bowl, his teams are always very competitive and prepared and his longevity is unmatched among current NFL coaches.

Most other coaches on the landscape right now either don’t appear to be headed for the Hall-of-Fame or have coached for multiple teams. Are we forgetting anyone?

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