Brett Favre’s Favorite Receivers

Classic Favre
Creative Commons License photo credit: xoque

Despite starting his career with the Atlanta Falcons, and finishing it with the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings, Brett Favre will forever be associated with the Green Bay Packers.

Over the course of his career, Brett Favre seems to have done it all. He has led the league in passing, won a Super Bowl, been the Super Bowl MVP, been the league MVP, and taken over first place in a number of passing categories. He has also played in some of the biggest games of his era. He has achieved all of this due to one plain fact, he simply is a gifted athlete who gives it his best every time he throws the ball.

Who have his favorite receivers been over the years? He has thrown a number of touchdown passes to a number of different players, but here is a look at the five receivers who have caught the most touchdown passes from him.

Antonio Freeman – 57

Sterling Sharpe – 41

Donald Driver – 36

Robert Brooks – 32

Bubba Franks – 29

Brett Favre has had a great career and no matter what happens or what has been said, he truly is one of the all time greats. The five receivers listed above though have played a large role in the football player he was.

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  1. Brett Favre is awesome and since I am in Minnesota and spent years not liking him, I love him now, gee wonder why. 🙂

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