Brock Osweiler’s Salary – And Other Fun Facts

2015 saw Brock Osweiler open the eyes of NFL fans when he came on as the backup to Peyton Manning after the big name Denver Broncos quarterback suffered a foot injury. Osweiler had been drafted in 2012 and patiently waited for his moment for more than three seasons. When it came, he took advantage of it for sure.

Here are five fun facts about Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiler.

Missing An Inch?

While in college at Arizona State, Brock Osweiler was touted by the media and in the team’s media guide as measuring in at 6’8″ tall. At the 2012 NFL Combine, he’d be officially measured at 6’6-7/8″ tall.

That Paycheck

Brock Osweiler is in the fourth year of his rookie contract he signed with Denver after being drafted in the second round in 2012. His average salary per year is $879,170.

The First To Catch Two

The first player to catch more than one TD pass from Brock Osweiler in the NFL was Denver receiver Andre Caldwell. Interestingly, Osweiler wears jersey number 17 with the Broncos. Caldwell wore that jersey number himself in 2012 when he and Osweiler, who wore number 6 at the time, were both in their first year with the team.

A Couple Of Firsts

The first TD Brock Osweiler would throw in the NFL was thrown to tight end Virgil Green in a 47-14 win over the Raiders in 2014. This was also Green’s first TD reception in the NFL.

Not Intimidated!

Brock Osweiler got the second win of his NFL career by leading the Broncos to an overtime win over the visiting, and undefeated at the time, New England Patriots. He would complete 23 of 42 passes for 270 yards and one touchdown in the game.

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