Comparing And Contrasting Randy Moss And Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens and Randy Moss have been two of the better wide receivers in the league since they both came in during the late 1990’s. Both have had trouble with teammates and have been considered “problems” because of both their on-field and off-field antics. Let’s examine these two great wide receivers, only using the stats…

Rushing Yards
Wide receivers don’t get to carry the ball much, usually it’s an end around, a reverse, or maybe even a double reverse. Amazingly, through the 2006 season these two wide receivers were exactly tied in rushing yards for their career with 159. Between the two, Owens is the only one who has scored a touchdown rushing the ball and he’s done it twice.

In Randy Moss’s nine year NFL career he has missed six games. Three during his last season in Minnesota and three during his last season in Oakland. Terrell Owens, on the other hand has missed a total of 18 games during his 11 year career. He has missed games in six separate seasons, meaning in more than half the years he has been in the league he has not been able to play the whole year.

1,000 Yard Seasons
Randy Moss has been in the NFL for two less seasons than Terrell Owens, but they both have the same amount of 1,000 yard seasons: seven. Surprisingly, four of Terrell Owens seven 1,000 yard seasons have come in years where he did not play in all 16 games.

Double Digit Touchdown Years
Again, these two appear to be shadowing each other as both players have accumulated six different seasons with double digit touchdown numbers.

100+ Reception Seasons
It seems that dominating receivers at some point in their career flirt with or surpass 100 receptions in a season. Randy Moss has achieved this feat twice so far in his career while Terrell Owens has achieved it once.

League Leaders
Neither Randy Moss or Terrell Owens has ever led the league in receptions or receiving yards, and both players have led the league in receiving touchdowns on three occasions.

All-Time Rankings
Both players rank among the greats of all-time in terms of receiving touchdowns. Randy Moss is ranked 5th all time while Terrell Owens is ranked 4th all time.

Playoff Record
Neither player has been on the winning side of a playoff game more than four times in their career, and neither has a winning playoff record. Randy Moss’s career playoff record is 4-4 while Terrell Owens’ career playoff record is 4-6.

Post Season Touchdowns
Terrell Owens has played in ten post season games and scored just four touchdowns while Randy Moss has only played in eight post season games and has managed to score nine touchdowns.

Randy Moss and Terrell Owens are both great producing players on the field, both came in during the late 1990’s and have put up surprisingly similar numbers. They meet today when New England travels to Dallas… should be a good one.

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