Comparing John Elway To Every Other Denver Broncos Quarterback

Over the years, the Denver Broncos have had some great players on their team. When it comes to Denver Broncos greats though, it is hard for any player to match up with John Elway. With that in mind, here is a look at how much better John Elway was statistically than other Broncos quarterbacks the team has had.

John Elway’s biggest statistical advantage is his longevity with the team. He played for Denver from 1983 to 1998, no other quarterback has played more than a handful of years there. Over the course of is career, Elway appeared in 234 regular season games. Craig Morton is the next closes in games played as a quarterback for Denver with just 72.

John Elway was also a great quarterback ability wise too, always ranking among the best in the league in most categories. He threw for 51,475 yards during his career, the next closest Broncos quarterback was again Craig Morton with 11,895. He’s followed closely in third place by Brian Griese with 11,763 and Jake Plummer in fourth place with 11,631. Elway had 300 touchdown passes during his career which far outshines Craig Morton’s 74, the 71 each by Brian Griese and Jake Plummer, and the 54 by Jay Cutler.

John Elway had a career quarterback rating of 79.9, which was very good, but not the best ever by a Denver Broncos quarterback. The regular starters that rate above him include 87.1 by Jay Cutler, 84.3 by Jake Plummer, and 84.1 by Brian Griese. Those with quarterback ratings below Elways include Craig Morton with 79.1, Steve DeBerg with 74.3, and Gary Kubiak with 70.6.

Everyone knows that John Elway will go down in history as one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. It’s interesting though to look at just how much better he was than any other quarterback the Denver Broncos have had in their history.

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