Dallas Cowboys Great Troy Aikman’s Favorite Receivers

The Dallas Cowboys have had a number of popular and very good quarterbacks during their relatively short history in the National Football League. Troy Aikman is one of the most loved quarterbacks the team has ever had. During his career he played in some incredible games and threw a lot of touchdown passes. Who were Troy Aikman’s favorite receivers though?

Emmitt Smith is the all time leading rusher in National Football League history. He also caught the fifth most touchdown passes thrown by Troy Aikman with 11.

Fourth on the list of touchdown passes thrown by Aikman is fullback Daryl “Moose” Johnston with 13.

Alvin Harper ranks third in this category with 16 touchdown receptions thrown to him by Troy Aikman.

The receiver that caught the second most of Troy Aikman’s touchdown passes is tight end Jay Novacek who caught 20 from him during his career.

The receiver who caught more touchdown passes thrown by Troy Aikman than anyone else is fellow Hall of Fame member Michael Irvin. Troy Aikman threw 165 touchdown passes during his career, 49 of those went to Michael Irvin.

Troy Aikman had a great career with the Cowboys that included a number of big games and a great many touchdown passes. He truly was one of the all time greats, just ask Michael Irvin, Jay Novacek, Alvin Harper, Daryl Johnston, and Emmitt Smith.

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