Dan Marino’s 300 Yard Games

Dan Marino is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the National Football League, and has gone down as quite possibly the best Miami Dolphins player ever. One of the achievements that most people see as a sign of a quarterback’s ability is throwing for 300 or more yards in a game. Here are a few interesting facts about Dan Marino and 300 yard games.

-Dan Marino’s first 300 yard game came during his rookie year against the Buffalo Bills when he passed for 322 yards in a 38-35 loss.

-During the 1984 season, Dan Marino had an amazing eleven 300 yard games.

-During his career, Dan Marino passed for 300 yards or more 67 different times.

-Dan Marino even passed for more than 400 yards 15 different times, including throwing for 521 yards in a 1988 loss to the New York Jets.

When it comes to most statistical accomplishments, Dan Marino sits at or near the top of the leader board.

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