Dan Marino’s Amazing 400 Yard Games

A 300 yard game is something that most people see as a quarterback having a very good game. But, logic would say that a 400 yard game is even better. Dan Marino was one of the most statistically impressive quarterbacks to ever play pro football. One way to see this clearly is by looking at the 400 yard games he had during his career.

When Dan Marino retired, he had put up 400 or more passing yards in 13 games during his career. That was and is the most 400 yard games anyone has ever had in their NFL career. To put this into perspective, two players were tied for second place with 7 career 400 yard games, Joe Montana and Warren Moon. Peyton Manning has since joined that club with 7 career 400 yard games of his own.

Dan Marino sits atop the list though with those amazing thirteen 400 yard games. Yet another sign that he was truly one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game.

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