Dan Marino’s Final Game

Dan Marino’s Final Game: No Pleasant Memories

Dan Marino retired from the National Football League after the 1999 season. Marino had been one of the premier Quarterbacks in the league for most of his career starting when he was drafted in 1983. Though never winning the Super Bowl, Marino had played in the big game, been an All-Pro numerous times, and played on many winning Miami Dolphins teams. The positive memories Marino created for himself and all football fans during his career were plentiful, but none were created on that last day that he took the field.

Dan Marino’s last game in the NFL was a Divisional Playoff game in the year 2000 against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jacksonville had only been in the league five years, despite this short time they had risen quickly to be one of the better AFC teams. At the end of the game Marino’s Dolphins had been defeated by a score of 62-7.

When looking back on Hall-of-Famer Dan Marino’s career many will remember the quick release of the football, the long arc of his downfield passes, and his ability to win with a team that usually had no rushing attack to help him out; few people will remember that final game and the loss to the Jaguars.

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