Five Interesting Facts About The Touchdown Passes Of Jim Everett

Jim Everett came to the National Football League after a fairly successful career at Purdue. He immediately looked like he was going to be one of the better young quarterbacks in the league and he helped the Los Angeles Rams improve as a team. After eight seasons in L.A., he moved on to play three years with the New Orleans Saints. He then played one final season with the San Diego Chargers before announcing his retirement.

Everett was moderately successful during his career and like a lot of quarterbacks, he experienced his best years when surrounded with some great talent. He put up some good passing numbers over the years and here is a look at five interesting facts about the touchdown passes he threw.

#1 The first touchdown pass Jim Everett threw in the National Football League came during his rookie season in a mid November loss to the New England Patriots. It happened in the second quarter, was the first of three touchdowns he threw that day, went for 34 yards, and was caught by Henry Ellard.

#2 No player caught more touchdown passes from Jim Everett than Rams wide receiver Henry Ellard did with 36.

#3 The last touchdown pass Everett threw in the NFL came in 1997 during his one season with the Chargers. He would throw just one touchdown pass that whole season. It came in the fourth quarter of a 20-6 win over the New Orleans Saints in the second game of the year. It went for 21 yards and was caught by Freddie Jones.

#4 Jim Everett was a notoriously slow starter. He threw 203 touchdown passes during his career. He threw 66 in the second quarter, 52 in the third quarter, 59 in the fourth quarter, but just 26 of them during the first quarter of the games he played in.

#5 Everett threw more passes against the Atlanta Falcons, 28 in total, than he did against any other team in the NFL.

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