Five Little Known Facts About Bills Great Andre Reed

Andre Reed was one of the best receivers of his era during a career that spanned from the mid 1980s to the year 2000. Over that time, he helped the Buffalo Bills reach the greatest point in franchise history that included four consecutive Super Bowl appearances. Here is a look at five things about Andre Reed that you may not know.

-On December 4, 1994, Andre Reed not only scored two touchdowns in a Bills win over the Dolphins, he also threw his only completed pass of his career. It went for 32 yards.

-Andre Reed topped the 100 receiving yard mark in a game 36 times. The most yards he ever racked up in one contest was the 191 he put up in a 1994 win over the Packers.

-Andre Reed caught 87 TD receptions during his Hall of Fame career. He caught them from eight different quarterbacks: Jim Kelly, Todd Collins, Doug Flutie, Frank Reich, Vince Ferragamo, Alex Van Pelt, Brad Johnson, Rob Johnson, and Bruce Mathison.

-In his four Super Bowl appearances, Andre Reed’s longest reception would be a 40 yarder thrown to him by Jim Kelly in the second quarter of the loss to Dallas in Super Bowl XXVII following the 1992 season.

-Andre Reed played college football at Kutztown University in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. In 2014, the same year that saw him inducted into the Hall of Fame, Kutztown University renamed their football team’s home Andre Reed Stadium.

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