Five Little Known Facts About Carson Palmer

Carson Palmer came into the NFL and looked sure to be one of the better young quarterbacks in the league while playing for the Cincinnati Bengals. He would later move on and briefly play with the Raiders before finding a home with the Cardinals and proving that he was still a formidable opponent to anyone who faced him. Here are five fun facts about this very good young quarterback.

Against The Cardinals?

In nine seasons prior to joining Arizona, Carson Palmer played in one game against the Cardinals. In that game he threw two TD passes, one to Chris Henry and one to T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

300 Yard Rookie

Carson Palmer had two 300 yard passing games as a rookie in the NFL. His first came in the third game of the season when he threw for 316 in a loss to the Ravens. The second came in the 12th game of the season when he threw for 382, once again against the Ravens.

The First Real Long Ones

After seven seasons with the Bengals and two with the Raiders, Carson Palmer completed his first TD pass of 80 yards or longer when he connected on a 91 yarder to Michael Floyd with the Cardinals in 2013. He then threw an 80 yarder to Larry Fitzgerald the next season.

First TD Passes

The first TD pass Carson Palmer threw in the NFL was caught by Kenny Watson of the Bengals. His first TD pass with the Raiders was caught by Michael Bush. The first TD pass he threw as a member of the Cardinals was caught by Larry Fitzgerald.

What’s In A Number?

Carson Palmer wears the number 3 jersey for the Arizona Cardinals. Other players who have worn number 3 for the Cardinals franchise over tghe years include Derek Anderson, Jay Feely, Billy Gambrell, Ralph Guglielmi, and Timm Rosenbach.

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