Five Little Known Facts About Jets Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ryan Fitzpatrick came into the NFL as a low drafted quarterback out of Harvard. Through a number of opportunities with a number of different teams, he proved that he had what it takes to play in the NFL. Here is a look at five fun facts about this very good NFL quarterback.

What’s In A Number?

As a rookie in 2005, Ryan Fitzpatrick wore jersey number 12 with the Rams. In his second season he would switch to number 11. That number was previously unavailable the year before as it was worn by quarterback Jamie Martin.

Bonus Time!

On November 27, 2005, rookie Rams quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick completed a 56 yard TD pass to Kevin Curtis. It was the first overtime touchdown pass of his career. It was also the second overtime touchdown pass in team history for St. Louis. The first had come just the year before by Marc Bulger.

The Longest Of Them All

On November 22, 2009, in a loss to the Jaguars, Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick completed a 98 yard TD pass to Terrell Owens. This ended up being the longest touchdown pass in the NFL that season.


In a Texans win over the Titans in 2014, Ryan Fitzpatrick set a personal best and a team record when he tossed six touchdown passes in one game. DeAndre Hopkins caught two of them and Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, Ryan Griffin, and J.J. Watt each caught one.

His First With New York

The first touchdown pass Ryan Fitzpatrick threw after joining the New York Jets was caught by Eric Decker.

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