Five Little Known Facts About Mike Tomczak

Mike Tomczak had a successful college football career and then went on to make his mark with a number of NFL teams, beginning with the Chicago Bears. He made a lot of fans along the way who enjoyed his style of play and his abilities. Here are five little known facts about Mike Tomczak.

-During his NFL career, Mike Tomczak saw time on the rosters of five NFL teams. He played for the Bears from 1985 to 1990, the Packers in 1991, the Browns in 1992, the Steelers from 1993 to 1999, and with the Lions in 2000. Though signed by Detroit in 2000 and appearing on the roster, Tomczak was not with the team during the regular season. He had broken his leg in a preseason game.

-Mike Tomczak was the winning quarterback in the first 10 NFL games he started in his career.

-Mike Tomczak threw 88 touchdown passes in the NFL. They were caught by 35 different receivers. The player who caught more of them than any other was Andre Hastings of the Steelers with a total of seven.

-Mike Tomczak topped the 300 yard passing mark six times during his career. He did so once with the Bears, once with the Packers, once with the Browns, and three times with the Steelers.

-Before retiring following the 2000 season, Mike Tomczak was the last member of the Super Bowl winning 1985 Bears team still playing in the NFL.

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